About my fairy tale work

Sheilas little shipMy fairy tale quest has been an inner journey since I was a very young girl.

The work I do has grown and changed along with me and now comes in many shapes and sizes.

I offer fairy tale writing workshops (What’s Your Story) for those who want to find their own tale. Depending on the level and intensity these can be one, two or five days long.

The Fairy Tale Experience is a set of classes I teach over a six to eight week period, where everyone gets to revisit the fairy tales they knew and loved. In the process they discover what mattered to them then and how it has shaped and colored their life right up to present day.

I host Fairy Tale Clubs as a way for people to continue to meet and discuss fairy tales on a regular basis. Once you’ve entered this magical kingdom it’s hard to leave. They are more freeform than the classes and workshops and full of surprises. Everyone contributes to the search for new fairy tales and to leading the discussions that arise. Different perspectives abound and enrich all of our knowledge and understanding.

I’ve written plays and  offer theater classes for children that focus on story book themes.  There’s real magic when you engage with kids in that way.

In the section Fairy Tale Findings you can find the results of my efforts to describe the search for answers and for meaning that arises when you go deep into these tales. Engaging with the questions that fairy tales bring can lead to new and marvelous adventures of the mind and spirit. I urge everyone who gets close to fairy tales to find ways to capture what they’ve encountered by writing it down.

I’m also available as a Story Consultant. I work with writers who are interested in writing and exploring their own personal story.

Each fairy tale journey is personal and unique to us all. The same tale can be read at different times with new and unforeseen results. When we deeply engage with them they never grow tired or old. I hope you enjoy the experience…