About this website

star girl_edited-2If you’ve ever yearned for something more, wanted to question the stars above, or sought to escape the “pressure of mere daylight existence” this may be a place to start. This website is for writers, dreamers and those seeking the story within. It’s meant for the curious and those needing to know how extraordinary ordinary life can be.

Storybook Lives is a work in progress. Its intention is to wrestle with the whys and wherefores of how we make meaning out of our day-to-day experiences. This quixotic and ultimately most human of tasks begins in our earliest years when we enter the world of imagination through the stories we’re told and later the ones we read. I talk a lot about fairy tales here because those were the last books I read where the words on the page went straight to my heart.

For those interested in the deeper side of things, fairy tales have been in the business of hidden meaning for a long, long time. Before they became relegated to animated films and children’s picture books they were meant for adults and have been found in every culture and every age all around the world. People told each other these stories for a reason, and they kept doing it for century after century. This site is an attempt to rescue fairy tales from the veneer of sentimentality and moral uplift they’ve been buried under and see if they still have a role to play in human life.

Enjoy your quest…